Habt keine Angst

The project “Habt keine Angst” (Have no fear) is about the fear, a blank sheet of paper may cause. At the same time it also shows the possibilities it has. As everyone of us starts projects differently, “Habt keine Angst” offers various ways to approach the subject. This is achieved by using three different components that can be combined: text- & picture-magazine and table of contents in form of a poster.

"Habt keine Angst" slowly takes away the fear a white sheet of paper may cause and helps to experience the endless possibilities it presents us with. Page after page the reader learns how theory and concept slowly develop. By the combination of the different magazine types the reader is able to follow the authors’ line of thought and their different ideas and gets encouraged to set out on a journey starting from a blank slate.
magazine: 210 x 297mm, 46 pages, thread stitching
summary of contents poster: 594 x 841mm